INHERITE makes clothes that combine a sense of sentiment for the past with the current moment. We create capsule collections at our own, balanced pace. All of them are handmade at a family factory in Poland, next to Warsaw. We are true to longevity, versatility and heritage. They fuel our ideas of single fashion pieces that you can bring together freely and harmoniously.

We search for modern design forms that reflect the reality as it is while redefining what’s vintage. Things long gone set the direction of our design and production processes that we overlook closely to guarantee utmost quality that thoughtful fashion deserves.

INHERITE takes cues from the word inherited and if you ask us, it’s deeply symbolic. It expresses the roots of the brand, the inherited sewing factory, as well as our desire to create clothes that could be passed on from one generation to another. Things deriving from tradition that we twisted with modern details and put into the frames of uncompromising minimalism.

We create fashion free from pressure, thriving on extraordinary ordinary beauty. Our inspiration is multifaceted – from culture and science through art to design. Put into reflection, they allow us to share our moments of enlightenment with INHERITE women whose voices are an essential part of our narrative.

I think the chance of finding beauty is higher if you don’t work on it directly.

Peter Zumthor